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Two day Sale, April 5th & 12th.....

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Provincial Budget Consultation led by Minister of Finance Jennifer Howard, supported by Kevin Chief Minister of Children and Youth Opportunities, Government of Manitoba. This morning at the Aboriginal Centre.


Getting Healthy At The Neeginan Centre...

If interested, please check out thier website:

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Community Futures

- Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program

July 23, 2013

ACW Members

The Council is currently trying to update the membership listing. Please contact the office by calling 204-989-6380 or email to provide your contact information. 

Informaiton Required:

Name, Address, Home #, Cell #, Work# and email.

Updating this information allows the Council to contact you on workshops, gatherings, announcements that ACW is initiating.

Your cooperation is appreciated!

May 23rd, 2013........

Neechi Commons April 25, 2013 flyer...


Job Opportunity.....

General Manager

Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce, Winnipeg, MB



Winnipeg - Manitoba - Canada
February 21-23, 2013

Smart ideas + Smart policies = Smart province
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React to Racism Challenge....

Call Carol @ 204.989.6380 to register...


Stop in for a visit and snack....

ACW would like to thank everyone who came out to the AGM on Wednesday and to welcome the three newest Board members; Nathan Ballantyne, Travis Bighetty and Jessica Dumas.

Monday, November 19, 8pm.....

Presidents Report

Members and Community

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone! On another note, I am pleased to say that we are making progress in our efforts to improve our organization. We continue to maintain and build on our network with individuals, agencies and the community at large.

We are also pleased that Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Manitoba continue their funding support to this organization. The Joint Management Committee has been functioning in a very cooperative manner as we have achieved a high level of consensus on steps the Council must take to improve on its ability to deliver on our mandate.

For example, we engaged Deloitte to conduct a review of our board and management policy and practice to ensure that we are meeting our obligations to our membership, our funders and the broader community. This initiative included but was not limited to a look at how we handle personal information, IT Security measures and general office operations. While this may sound boring, it is essential to ensuring accountability and transparency to our membership, our funders and the broader community.

In the next few months, ACW will launch a major effort to reconnect with members and community. We have engaged Harry Finnegan and Associates to lead a comprehensive planning exercise with a cross section of our community’s leaders and organizations. We are excited about this initiative as we sincerely believe that it is time to develop a shared vision of our future, to build consensus on what our priorities are and to create a collective plan of actions designed to accomplish our shared goals.

It is our belief that Winnipeg, as home to the largest urban Aboriginal population in Canada, should continue to lead the way in terms of demonstrating how Aboriginal individuals and organizations can build a brighter future for all.

The Council is confident in its belief that we can do this! For one of the first times in history, we have a critical mass of Aboriginal talent in one place. This population is also very young and our knowledge base is growing steadily. The two universities and the college are enrolling Aboriginal students at higher levels than ever before.  Some of these individuals are graduating each year and they bring a new wealth of knowledge and practice to our community, from many different disciplines. Already, we see some of them taking on leadership and other important roles in our community.

These positive outcomes far outweigh the negative news that appears to attract the most attention from media in this city and other places. We are healing and we will continue down that path. The Aboriginal Peoples of Canada – First Nations, Metis and Inuit are here and they will be here in even far greater numbers. Our shared responsibility is to do everything possible to ensure that future generations grow up healthy in mind, body and spirit!

Damon Johnston



2012 Annual General Meeting...


ACW invites you to attend.....


Notice of Annual General Meeting......

President Johnston is inviting friends & Colleagues to donate to the Change for the Better program. Just go to the link at: and click the Donate Now button under his name. This is all done in support of homeless employment programs and helping people off the streets. Your contribution is appreciated.

Change for the better CEO Sleepout...

Fundraiser by the Grandparents of Maples Day care.......

Coming up this November....


Please share this email....

With the funding and equipment resources that have been made available for North End (Winnipeg) youth, there is no reason we should not be able to get 40-50 new youth (born in1999 and later) out playing hockey this fall. The resources are there - PLEASE share this email and assist in getting youth playing!!

The challenging is getting the word out to families that want their children to play! We really need your assistance to share this information, Please forward!


Registration for the North End Hockey Program (NEHP) will take place:

                          August 29 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

                           September 4 from 6:00 to 8:00pm

                           September 11 from 6:00 to 8:00pm

At the Winnipeg Metis Federation Office (406 McGregor Street)

The program is available to players from 5 to 13 (1999) years of age who live in the North End of Winnipeg.

The NEHP teams (Timbits, Novice, Atom, PeeWee, Bantam) all play out of the Seven Oaks Minor Hockey Association and are part of the Winnipeg Minor Hockey Association.

Parents are required to bring the following to register: Players Birth Certificate, Medical Card and both parents Notice of Assessment from the Canadian Revenue Agency(if funding assistance is required).

Assistance with registration funds and equipment are available to those who qualify.


call Dave at 204.334.8342 or check the website at


VOLUNTEER:The North End Hockey Program always needs volunteers to act as coaches, managers, drivers or fundraisers. If you are interested please visit their website.


ACW is proud to accounce a  Community wide Strategic Planning Session....a Youth Strategic Planning Session will also take place to compliment this event .....more info coming soon


City to host National Aboriginal Women's Summit, Nov 1&2, 2012

Free Press link


Jamie Courtorielle - Riding 4 Mentors


Diana Cowley, Gracie Lou, Jamie Courtorielle, Michael Redhead Champagne, Damon Johnston and Wayne Helgason posing for a photo

Jamie Courtorielle, a 26 year old aboriginal has lived a crazy life spending nearly 10 years within his addiction and living the "Street-life." Within the influences of his immediate family, he gained the knowledge of ‘hustling.’ Upon being out-casted, he took to the streets and found a place amongst his "street-family." In the years to follow he got caught for many crimes, starting with small theft & drugs, escalating to a home invasion, then to a high-speed chase, which inevitably wound him up in jail.
Just over three years ago, he was living that 'street life,' still trapped in this vicious cycle, which had him going down a path of destruction again. Sick and tired of spinning his wheels, he decided it was time to make some life altering choices.
He has been in recovery for three years and along the way he has completed treatment, completed a Quest for Success program; graduated from Concordia University’s UCEP program with honours, became their Alumni, and has been their graduate and welcoming speaker. As a former iHuman Youth Society client he is now their senior iHuman Alumni Ambassador, focusing on helping others and speaking about the iHuman program.
He is committed to sharing his learning on his challenging life experiences and the journey to recovery. He has been an invited guest speaker at Grant Mac Ewan, Pheonix Academy, Thomas Moore Academy, Bosco Homes, Concordia College and most recently at Edmonton City Hall on behalf of the iHuman Youth Society.
Today, Jamie is embarking on a bike ride to share his motivational talks across Canada. He’s Riding 4 Mentors & Cycling 4 Change. He passionately believes it is important to show others who are caught up in addiction & street-life that, no matter what their circumstances are, there is a way to a life where goals and dreams can come true by living a healthy lifestyle within recovery. His energy and positive spirit is contagious, inspirational and he brings a wonderful message of hope for all.
Goals: My goal is to pedal to every Major city in each province through-out Canada to bring my motivational speeches to new heights. My history is my tool for both educational and inspirational purposes; sharing my life in addiction to my success has become my gift. This is where I plan to plant that seed of hope within those who are still struggling. This is where I plan to find those mentors to influence others to take those necessary steps to "escaping that vicious lifestyle."
Vision: Riding 4 Mentors & Cycling 4 Change will attract attention from those from both sides of the fence; Decision makers, Front line workers, and yes, those who are trapped within their addictions. In order for a successful recovery everyone needs to be intune, everyone needs to be inspired, everyone needs to be motivated, and the addict, they need to 'See' change can take place. With that, "Hope" will take place, then "Desire/Dedication," then "Believing." What does this create? The route to achieving a successful future!

Call to Action - Walk/Rally - July 11, 2012

Photo Collection - CLICK HERE

Good Day


Oshki Annishinabe Nigaaniwak introduces their newly enhanced website; easy to navigate and YOUTH friendly.  They are hosting a daily, weekly, monthly, contest; full of promotional materials, gift card giveaways, and an Ipod Touch for a grand prize -- visit their pages loaded with information of programs and services for Aboriginal Youth.


Please see attached a poster for you to view and post in your organization community bulletin board should there be one, or simply forward this email. 


Click on the link


Enjoy navigating their site, and we encourage you to add yourself to their email distribution list as your entry for their prizes!



July 11, 2012 9:30 am 
Call for Action - March and Rally in support of the call for an inquiry on the missing and murdered Indigenous Women. 
Starts at 10:00am at the Scotiabank Stage at the Forks. The walk will go to the Toronto Dominion Centre which is situated at the corner of Portage and Main. At this site various speakers to address the public from 11:00am - 1:00pm. 
Jointly organized by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC), the Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO) and the Southern Chiefs Organization (SCO).


Interested in becoming a member?

Click here for membership form.

Members, if you are contacted by a Statistics Canada interviewer,  please participate in the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey. For more information about the survey, click on the identifier below.

Aboriginal Peoples Survey Education and Employment

Enquete aupres des peuples autochtones Education et emploi


Free One Day Gang Action Planning Session - February 8, 2012

The Aboriginal Council will be sponsoring a free Gang Action Planning Workshop and would like individuals and agencies that provide opportunities for youth and adults at risk of or already gang involved to attend.

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Election Notice to Our Members - September 13, 2011

Election polling stations have been cancelled for September 13 &14, 2011. The Chief Electoral Officer will give his report at our AGM on September 14, 2011 at 3:30 - 6:30 at the Aboriginal Centre, 181 Higgins.



2011 ACW Annual General Meeting - September 14, 2011

The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg will be having their Annual General Meeting on September 14, 2011. We hope our members will come out and participate this year.

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