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The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg

is a community based, membership driven, Indigenous organization which serves as a political and advocacy voice that represents the interest of the Urban Indigenous community of Winnipeg.

Where we are

The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg is located in Neeginan Centre. The Neeginan Centre was incorporated in October 1990 to realize the goal of providing a centre that promotes the social, educational and entrepreneurial growth of the Aboriginal community in the City of Winnipeg.

About Us

The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg (ACW) is an advocacy and leadership entity, operating as a not for profit in the City of Winnipeg since the early 80’s. Located in Neeginan Centre, the ACW has been instrumental in creating a cohesive and effective network of Indigenous support services that provide a broad array of services for urban Indigenous peoples. Multilateral partnership development and working across many public sectors; provides opportunity for ACW to advocate on behalf of Indigenous citizens and organizations in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


The ACW’s vision is to support a self-sufficient, healthy, vibrant urban Indigenous community, where families and children are ensured a good quality of life, through equal opportunity and choice so that Winnipeg’s Indigenous people are a part of all things – a distinct presence throughout Winnipeg.


To be a strong political voice working towards a unified and cohesive urban Indigenous community of Winnipeg. To empower Winnipeg’s Aboriginal community: to realize our individual and collective potential.

Keep up with our events

The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg is currently not hosting any events and does not currently have any news due to the Pandemic. When the time arises we will begin posting news and events.

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112 – 181 Higgins Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 3G1