Urban Aboriginal Summit

Sowing The Seeds of Change, The Aboriginal Council Presents:

Urban Aboriginal Summit
Thurday, October 28, 2010
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Aboriginal Centre
Rotunda, 181 Higgins Avenue

The Urban Aboriginal Summit will utilize a process of facilitated discussions to gather your ideas and recommendations on how the Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg can make itself relevant to you and your families.

We will also explore opportunities for restructuring the Council. Two examples of these possible changes to the ACW By-Law are as follows:

  • Lower the age requirement for membership to sixteen (16)
  • Create a membership category for Aboriginal organizations

The first proposed change would open the door to a higher level of participation by an important and fast growing segment of our community in Winnipeg Youth.

The second proposal would recognize the important roles that our urban Aboriginal agencies play in our community and the value of their constituents. It could clarify our relationship to each other and bring consistency and a higher degree of regularity and formaility to our interaction with each other on behalf of broader community interest.

This Summit is offered at no cost to registrants and a Traditional Feast lunch will be provided.
To Register please click on link: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=apw416dab&oeidk=a07e31m61ds2e546494

About ACW

The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg is a community based, membership driven, Aboriginal organization which serves as a political and advocacy voice that represents the interest of the Aboriginal community of Winnipeg.
The mission of the Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg is to be a strong political voice working towards a unified and cohesive urban Aboriginal community of Winnipeg.
The ACW's vision is to support a self-sufficient, healthy, vibrant urban Aboriginal community, where families and children are ensured a good quality of life, through equal opportunity and choice so that Aboriginal people are a part of all things - a distinct presence throughout Winnipeg.

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