Housing and Homelessness

Guiding Principle: Individuals and families are entitled to the comfort of a home through community resources and personal choices.

This sector of the 2007-2008 Work Plan will include objectives that will assist in the alleviation of housing and homelessness in the City of Winnipeg. The current shortage of safe and affordable housing has a direct impact on achieving and sustaining a strong family unit. It is the Council's objective to ensure the involvement and consultation of the ACW in the development of new or amended government policies affecting the urban Aboriginal community. The Council will continue to support Aboriginal housing organizations in their efforts to alleviate housing and homelessness in the City of Winnipeg.


About ACW

The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg is a community based, membership driven, Aboriginal organization which serves as a political and advocacy voice that represents the interest of the Aboriginal community of Winnipeg.
The mission of the Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg is to be a strong political voice working towards a unified and cohesive urban Aboriginal community of Winnipeg.
The ACW's vision is to support a self-sufficient, healthy, vibrant urban Aboriginal community, where families and children are ensured a good quality of life, through equal opportunity and choice so that Aboriginal people are a part of all things - a distinct presence throughout Winnipeg.

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