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The Mission of the ACW
The mission of the Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg exists to empower Winnipeg's Aboriginal community: to realize our individual and collective potential.

The Vision of the ACW
The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg's vision is a self-sufficient, healthy and vibrant urban Aboriginal community.

The Board has identified the following priorities as outlined in the Work Plan:

  • Economic Development
  • Education, Training and Employment
  • Emerging Issues
  • Women
  • Youth

The Vaues of the ACW

The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg strives to undertake its activities and pursuit of this objective in a manner that honours the seven sacred teachings:

          Love - Eagle

          Respect - Buffalo

          Courage - Bear

          Honesty - Sabe

          Wisdom - Beaver

          Humility - Wolf

          Truth - Turtle

The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg believes that by working together, we can develop governance options that are fair for all urban Aboriginal individuals and groups. We make a commitment to challenge wrongdoings and to remove systemic barriers.


Board Members


Our list of Board Members


Damon Johnston - President

Ron Brown - Vice-President

Marileen Bartlett - Treasurer

Jessica Dumas - Secretary

Travis Bighetty - Director

Samual Lavallee - Director

Jordan Molano - Director






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